Thorncrown Chapel Wedding - Eureka Springs Wedding Photographers - Trent and Chelsey

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I have no idea how I missed blogging this gorgeous wedding!  I guess this means our wedding posts will be a  TINY bit out of order - no biggie! ;)

Trent and Chelsey were married at the super gorgeous Thorncrown Chapel, here in Eureka Springs, AR.  Their reception was immediately following at The 1886 Crescent Hotel, and was equally lovely. :)  I must say, I absolutely loved the combination of Trent's military uniform and Chelsey's stunning Vera Wang gown and shoes.  Perfection!!  Oh, and the yellow bridesmaids dresses and flowers were the icing on the cake - such bright happy colors. :)  This was such a fun group of people to work with (note the last image...that song they're belting out is of course Journey "Don't Stop Believing") - gotta love it!

Enjoy! :)

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Little Rock Arkansas Wedding Photographers - Park on the River - Dwayne and Ashton

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Dwayne and Ashton were married and had their reception at the gorgeous Park on the River in Maumelle, AR (which is near Little Rock).  It was another absolutely perfect day - warm weather, beautiful golden sunset, and a great looking couple.  How could we ask for more?!  Hope you enjoy some of our favorites from their special day!

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Branson Missouri Wedding Photographers - D'Monaco - Chris and Suzanne

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I'm sure you all saw Chris and Suzanne's engagement session on the blog a while back - had SO MUCH FUN shooting it!  Later on, we got the pleasure of shooting their wedding at D'Monaco, a beautiful resort in Branson, MO.  The ceremony took place on a cliff overlooking Table Rock Lake, and the reception was on one of their beautiful balconies.  It was a gorgeous sunny day with crystal blue water and barely a cloud in the sky.  (*Having an "I miss summer moment")   I have to say, I think the day was perfect, and Chris and Suzanne are such a great couple, it was wonderful to share it with them. :)  Here are some of our favorite portraits - enjoy!

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It's Halloween! Happy Anniversary to us! :)

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Oh, how I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween. :)  10 years ago today, I met my 3 oldest children and took them home with me.  I remember getting a call at work, where I was appropriately dressed like a hippie, and having no clue how my life was about to change.  The woman on the phone asked if we would like to foster 2 sisters ages 2 and 4.  Of course we did!  These would be our first (and only) set of foster kids and we were sooooo excited.  So, we hurried to get off work and go pick up the little girls.  When we walked in, we saw them waiting for us, tiny and nervous.  As we're talking to them, a man walks up with a precious little baby boy - 8 months old.  Who knew the girls had a brother??!!  They asked us if we'd be willing to take him as well and we were just floored....what an adorable little family!!  So, we left the office - on a perfect Halloween - with 3 beautiful children.  Somehow that night we managed to eat dinner, trick or treat, get the kids some clothes, and buy the baby a crib, some formula, and some diapers.  Crash course parenting at its best. :)

So, this is why I love love love Halloween.  My 3 oldest were not born to me, they are gifts.  They are brilliant and beautiful and they embody hope.  They have not only overcome the harsh circumstances they were born into - they have moved past them into a life and a future no one could have foreseen.  Life is all possibility, all dreams, all adventures for them.

Not long after getting the news that I was going to be able to adopt my babies, I had my princess.  I now have 4 beautiful children total and they are the most wonderful little people on the planet.  Having been a teenager who swore I would never have kids, I have to admit, parenting is a blast!  My kids are hilarious and our lives together are so fun I can't even describe it.  It's like being surrounded by the coolest, funnest people you've ever met - every single day.  I LOVE IT.  God has blessed me immeasurably.  So, for us, today - it's Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary!  Can't wait to take them trick or treating tonight!

So, here is a pic taken a few days ago of me with the munchkins. :)  Charles was still at work so he's not in it.  :(  But still - it's cute, right?!  Oh, and ignore what my Princess is wearing - she had a play that night where she had to dress old fashioned.  lol.  P.S.  Wow - I am so so short. ha ha ha

Oklahoma City Botanical Gardens Wedding - Oklahoma Wedding Photographers - Cade and Mara

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Another gorgeous summer wedding coming up!  Cade Davis and Mara Nelson were married in June at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City.  Let me tell you, this is one GORGEOUS location!  We started the day getting ready with the wedding party at the Skirvin Hotel which has to be one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever seen.  It's this fabulously renovated historic hotel in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City.  LOVED IT.  From there, the party traveled by carriage to the Myriad Gardens, where the wedding and reception were held.  It was sunny and warm and perfect. :)  On a side note, Cade actually plays professional basketball overseas (he's awesome!), so I was surrounded by ball players all night!  Oddly enough, it took seeing Blake Griffin on a Subway commercial to realize he had been there as well. lol  So much for knowing my sports, right?  So, if you see several people in this crowd that look familiar - don't be surprised....just email me and tell me who they are.  ha ha ha ;)  Enjoy!!

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