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ItWorks - My Experience :)

By trinityridge in personal itworks stretch marks weight loss wraps

Over the last several months, I've seen and heard a lot about these wraps from ItWorks.  From what I saw in before and after pics, they seemed to tone flabby bellies (I can say that because I have one of my own - lol), tightening loose skin and reshaping a bit.  I had thought about trying one just to see if it made a noticeable difference but it was more of a fleeting thought until one of my acquaintances from church became a distributor.  So, last week I was able to get my first wrap!  I used it around my waistline.  My personal experience with it was good.  It was easy to put on and felt good for the 45 minutes I had to wear it.  The biggest changes I noticed afterwards were my stretch marks being much less noticeable and my skin (which is loose and flabby due to a pregnancy where my belly was ginormous) seemed to be lifted and toned esp. around my navel.  These are the changes I noticed after just one wrap.  From what I understand, although you can try just one, when you purchase the package it comes with 4 (and you can use them almost anywhere on your body).  I wouldn't say that this is some miracle product that will make you go from a size 20 to a size 2 but at either size, I think it's great for dealing with loose skin, toning, helping to deal with stretch marks, and getting rid of the puffy bloated look.  It would also be a fabulous thing to do before a boudoir shoot, wedding, high school reunion, etc.  I plan on trying more of the wraps and probably their vitamins, too, in the near future.  If you want to see my results, try a wrap, or purchase products - please check out my friend's site (you can email her and request to see before/after pics - or you can see them on her facebook page -

Happy wrapping! :)