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Making photography my career was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Very few people can honestly say that when it comes to their work - they wouldn't rather do anything else.  People like myself not only can't imagine doing anything else...if we actually WERE...we would be doing photography in our "spare" time.  It's easy to recognize when you love what you do.  Photography for me is like writing in a journal, only it doesn't tell your secrets.  It kind of tells everyone their own secrets...letting them see their own feelings or memories in my work.  Oddly enough, though, when photography became work - it ceased as a hobby for me.  I've been trying to get my hobby back, since I don't really have any equivalent back up hobbies. ;)  So, today, in the amazing Spring weather, I took a drive.  This is the first year all of my children have been in school, so I have the daytime to myself.  Usually, I spend it sitting at this desk responding to emails, placing orders, and editing.  That would be great, too, if I didn't also spend all night from 7 or 8 to 4 a.m. - doing the exact same thing.  Having an office in my home, it's just natural to sit here and work constantly.  The fact that I love my work makes it even harder to resist the urge to work my days away without even stepping foot outside except to pick up my little cuties. :)  This year, though, I've promised myself that I'm going to get outside and give myself my hobby back.  I want to look back and actually be able to remember this year and the things I see and do.  Last year is just a blur of sitting at this desk and playing catch up.  So, here are a few pictures from my drive today.  Tomorrow, I'm planning a hike.  (For all of you who know me and how extraordinarily unathletic I am...this is the part where you giggle at the thought of me hiking. ;)  I actually do hike, though!  There is something completely brilliant about being alone in the woods during the most incredible time of year and just forcing yourself to take the time to enjoy it.  I feel like I did when I got my first car and thought to myself, "I am going to drive off into the country as far as I can go - and finally get out of this box".  Yay for getting me out of my box!!!! :)

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NickP says:

Love the richness of colour and framing. Photography as a career is indeed a joy!

Trinity Ridge Photography
Trinity Ridge Photography says:

Thanks Nick! We are lucky to enjoy such an awesome career. :)

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