Oklahoma City Botanical Gardens Wedding - Oklahoma Wedding Photographers - Cade and Mara

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Another gorgeous summer wedding coming up!  Cade Davis and Mara Nelson were married in June at the Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City.  Let me tell you, this is one GORGEOUS location!  We started the day getting ready with the wedding party at the Skirvin Hotel which has to be one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever seen.  It's this fabulously renovated historic hotel in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City.  LOVED IT.  From there, the party traveled by carriage to the Myriad Gardens, where the wedding and reception were held.  It was sunny and warm and perfect. :)  On a side note, Cade actually plays professional basketball overseas (he's awesome!), so I was surrounded by ball players all night!  Oddly enough, it took seeing Blake Griffin on a Subway commercial to realize he had been there as well. lol  So much for knowing my sports, right?  So, if you see several people in this crowd that look familiar - don't be surprised....just email me and tell me who they are.  ha ha ha ;)  Enjoy!!

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Mt. Nebo Wedding - Arkansas Wedding Photographers - Seth and Krista

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Oh my goodness, Krista and Seth's wedding at Mt. Nebo in central Arkansas was GORGEOUS!!!  First of all...what a beautiful couple - LOVE them. :)  Krista and Seth had such fun personalities - their wedding was complete with neon sunglasses and dancing and funny hats in the photobooth.  To top it all off, the wedding was on top of a mountain with probably the most amazing views I have ever seen in all of Arkansas.  Wow.  Really - WOW.  You'll notice the first few portraits are of the "first look" - love it when the Bride and Groom decide to see each other before the wedding and they get that intimate moment to take it all in.  Also...totally adored the three generation of hands...bride, mother, and grandmother!

So, if you love Fall and pumpkins and bright leaves and twinkling prepared to fall in love with this wedding. :)

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Eureka Springs Wedding Photographers - Thorncrown Chapel - Brandon and Sonja

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Time for another June wedding!  This one is super special, too, because Sonja is one of my cousins. :)  We had the privilege to shoot this wedding for family - which is rare - but awesome!  Sonja and Brandon are such a gorgeous couple....(maybe I'm biased?  No  Of course, Thorncrown Chapel is always a beautiful location for a wedding - you really can't go wrong there.  In June, it's surrounded by this vivid Summer green that's amazing.  Brandon and Sonja had a sunset wedding there, so if that's what you're looking for you'll want to check this one out!  Afterwards, they had a lovely reception at the Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs.  Enjoy! :)

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Oklahoma Wedding Photographers - Colby and Samantha - Kerr Mansion

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As promised, another June wedding on the blog! :)  Oh, how I love my Oklahoma girls!  Sam was no exception - had a blast shooting her and Colby's wedding at Kerr Mansion in Poteau, OK.  There was a gorgeous view from the top of the mountain, and the weather was warm but perfect!  Enjoy!

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Flowers have Secrets that I’ll Share with You

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The ever important selection of the bridal bouquet.  Many brides-to-be base their bouquet selection on 2 criteria:  color and appearance.  But what if you are poet at heart, a hopeless romantic whose sentimental heart yearns to be expressed through less obvious means?  What if you want to have, not just a beautiful bouquet but one fraught with meaning…like a secret message to your love?  Meaning and sentiment?  What could these possibly have to do with a bridal bouquet?  Everything.  Flowers have a secret language unto themselves.  So for those of you who would like to have, not just a beautiful bouquet, but one that tells a story, I present to you…

The Hidden Meaning of Flowers:

“There is a language, “little known,”

Lovers claim it as their own.

Its symbols smile upon the land,

Wrought by Nature’s wondrous hand;

and in their silent beauty speak,

Of life and joy, to those who seek

For Love Divine and sunny hours

In the the language of the flowers.”


Lily of the Valley & Forget Me Nots:


Lily of the Valley – Return of Happiness

Forget Me Not - True Love.


Violets & Pansies:


Violets – Faithfulness

Pansies – Thoughts

Roses & Honeysuckle:


Roses – Love

Honeysuckle – Bonds of Love

Lily of the Valley, Hyacinth, Sweet William & Myrtle:


Lily of the Valley – Return of Happiness

Hyacinth – Loveliness

Sweet William – Gallantry

Myrtle – Love

(and yes, that is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding bouquet…simple and lovely)

Sweet Peas:

Meaning:  Sweet Peas – Lasting Pleasures


Meaning:  Snowdrops – Hope

For more information about flowers and their meanings visit Teleflora.  Though not a comprehensive list, it covers many of the more popular flowers’ meanings.  For a more comprehensive collection try “A Victorian Flower Dictionary.”

Kisses & Chaos,

Alli Woods Frederick

Image credits:  |  field of flowers – Indestructible Ideas   lily of the valley & forget me nots – stock photo |  violets & pansies - Martha Stewart Weddings  |  roses & honeysuckle – The Full Bouquet  |  lily of the valley, hyacinth, sweet william & myrtle – Betty Loves Blooms  |  sweet peas  |  snowdrops  |

About The Author:

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