I love my life - and I know what I believe

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Just when you thought life couldn't get any busier...it does. :)  My beautiful Mother has been in the hospital recovering from a recent surgery to remove a new cancerous tumor.  It's times like these that I feel the pressure of work and balancing time with family - and then suddenly it disappears.  Sitting in the hospital, with my best friend, watching the clock tick and time go by - I remember what is important.  That time just hanging out with my mom is priceless, the time I sit on my couch with my kiddos laughing about nothing is priceless, every time my Love walks through the door and hugs me and tells me he loves me is priceless.  That is the substance of my life.  That is what I value.  God has been immeasurably good to me.  My God is love and he has shed his love on me.  I don't blame him for my problems, I give my problems to him.  My heart rests in him.  My soul lets go of pain and stress and weight in light of his love.  A lot of people comment on how happy I am, how positive I am.  I just want to say that despite the wonderful things that I have, I'm this way because of what I know.  I know beyond doubt that I am loved, that I am forgiven, that I am saved, and that I am never alone.  What I know makes me love my life, and if I can share that with you, I want to. :)

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